The reasons why living in WNC is Fabulous!

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Have you considered living in Western North Carolina? Are you curious about this area? Did you know that North Carolina is ranked highly by visitors?

If you love exploring small towns, hiking enchanting mountains, exploring mesmerizing scenery, or attending culture driving events then Western North Carolina is a place to materialize your dreams.

You will find the hiking trails, area attractions, live music, beer breweries, fishing, biking, and even zip lines.  WNC is the perfect place to savor those taste buds! 

If your fond of art, reading, knitting, fishing, hiking, outdoor adventure, eating, or shopping, get ready and pack up your bags because in Western North Carolina there are art galleries, books, and shopping for everyone.   There are many other reasons to live in Western North Carolina.


Do you love Homegrown Beer?  Look no further because Western North Carolina is the brewing capital of the South!   There’s plenty of Craft Beer Events and Breweries to visit to buy a refreshing cold brew.  Come explore the quaint towns of Western North Carolina and find the tastiest suds in local restaurants and breweries.

Food and cultural festivals

Diversity is the name of the game when it comes to food in various towns and cultures of Western North Carolina. Different types of food, especially home-style foods, are waiting for you! If you want to get an overview of culture and traditions, then you will love cultural festivals.  Every month there are organized festivals. Be sure and confirm the exact festival dates so you don’t miss out.

Wedding venues

Western North Carolina has the perfect scenes and fresh mountain air giving any bride and groom the romantic wedding of their dreams.  Wedding venues are available year-round.  

Art galleries and bookstores

Be sure to check out the many artist studies across the region.  Artists work and live in Western North Carolina.  The prominent art, music, and writings will have you glued to the galleries/bookstores.

Hiking trail

There are hundreds of trails in Smokies of Western North Carolina.  Excursions into the Smokies will give you a memorable experience offering mind-blowing vistas, delicate falls, cascades, superb old woodlands, prominent mountain streams, old home locales, and calm path.

Fly Fishing

You can fly fish abundantly in the Great Smoky Mountains. There streams, rivers, and lakes to explore and open to the public.  If you want to catch a brook, brown, or rainbow trout then WNC is the place to come!