Great Time to Live in WNC

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In one sense, the current global pandemic may serve as a reminder that society has become too hectic and too busy, and that a simpler life might be more desirable and healthy for all of us. That makes this an ideal time to buy a piece of property in western North Carolina, and surround yourself by mountains, trees, and streams, rather than buildings, vehicles, and creature comforts. This is not to suggest that a hermit’s life is preferable to a more sociable existence, but since we are all in the middle of quarantines and lockdowns anyway, now is a good time to get back to basics and enjoy all the wonderful treasures nature has to offer.

Buying land in western North Carolina 

Western North Carolina is that stretch of the state situated due west of Charlotte, NC, and it is a very mountainous region that goes right to the state border with Tennessee. It also borders Virginia to the north, and South Carolina to the south. People have been discovering the majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in this area for the past decade or so, and many have purchased the property and taken up residence to enjoy those surroundings. There are endless activities available in this environment, for instance, the numerous hiking trails, mountain biking trails, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, and fishing. 

Experiencing the four seasons 

Anyone who buys land in western North Carolina will undoubtedly appreciate the four distinct seasons enjoyed by area residents. Springtime has cool evenings in the high 60’s, with gorgeous mountain laurel and rhododendron blooms, while summer is warm but seldom exceeds 90 degrees. The area has become well known for its beautiful fall weather and the spectacular color of the autumn leaves which burst into vivid shades of orange, red, and yellow, before falling off a month later. Winter recreation enthusiasts will love the endless opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing from December through March when light snowfalls blanket the region. 

Other appeals 

If you happen to be a dog lover, you’ll find loads of sympathetic businesses in the cities throughout western NC. Many restaurants and cafes put out water bowls so that owners can bring their pets along and have a sidewalk luncheon to appreciate the golden days of summer. The area has become well known as a haven for dog lovers, and dog-friendly businesses are the rule throughout the entire area. 

Beer lovers will also find plenty to love about western NC, and the area’s largest city, Asheville, has become the state’s capital for microbreweries. Asheville has in fact been named ‘Beer City, USA’ for nearly the past 10 years, and the industry is so significant that it has become a major source of employment throughout the western part of the state. Asheville has even been named the Top City for Beer Drinkers by, and several of the smaller cities and towns in the area have followed suit, developing their own brewing businesses.

Best places to buy land in western NC 

You can enjoy the best of both worlds by purchasing land around Asheville since you can take advantage of the natural appeals as well as the vibrant cultural life offered by the city. You might be interested in the land around Weaverville, which is located just outside Asheville and has the charm of a small-town feel which attracts many. Black Mountain has been designated the Prettiest Small Town in America by TripAdvisor, and if you purchase land in this area, you’ll understand very quickly how it earned that honor. Much like Weaverville, you’ll be able to walk through the downtown area easily and enjoy the benefits of the city, without ever losing touch with the natural setting.

If you’ve been sitting around at home while the coronavirus pandemic plays itself out, why not take a step toward a less complicated lifestyle, and investigate the wonderful world of western North Carolina?